Flue Duct Expansion Joints

Baker Energy Group, as a wholly owned business unit of Baker Bohnert, launches a unique "Single Source" concept for the design and manufacture of Fabric Expansion Joints and Breaching Framework. This also includes on-site technical support and service.

Baker Energy Group joins Baker Bohnert as it enters its seventh decade of providing to the Power Generation, Chemical and Processing Industries world-class service, quality, value and information.

This "Single Source" concept is structured to utilize the most advanced sealing technologies in concert with the best state of the art thermal management products available. With this, Baker Energy Group will produce the most flexible, cost effective and longest lasting expansion joints on the market today.

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Expansion Joints

Expansion Joint

Producing the most flexible, cost effective and longest lasting expansion joints on the market.

  • Elastomeric
  • High Temperature Composite
  • Fully Molded
  • Insulation Pillows
  • Spool Joints

Breaching Framework

External Mounts

Diverse mounts, back up bars, and flow liners to fit your unique needs

  • External Mounts
  • Internal Clamp Mount
  • Internal Stud Mount
  • Back Up Bars
  • Flow Liners

More Information on Expansion Joints:

Elastomeric Composite Design Temp Design Movements Gas Turbine HRSG Photos

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