Solutions for Cleaning Up Underground Beltheads
Easy Transport and Installation
  • Aluminum bolt-up 165lb. four-foo sections help ease transport and installation. Can be suspended from roof, mounted to belthead frame, or supported by cribbing.
Reduce Downtime
  • Shear pin sprocket protects drive components from damage and costly downtime associated with lock-ups.
Extended Component Life
  • Welded steel drag chain, heavy-duty sprockets and colt-on quick changes flights are designed for maximum durability and extended life.
Matched To Your Application
  • Available to accommodate any belt width. Length suited to belt speed, number of cleaners, and application.

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Installed adjacent to belt conveyor systems allows spillage to be safely cleaned up and put back on the belt. Available with Standard Shovel Box, Sump Version, and Washdown Version.
Standard Shovel Box
Shovel Box Used in Application
Washdown Chute

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